IKO Product Development Update

Dear Valued Customer:
As part of IKO’s commitment to continuous improvement, we are pleased to announce a
new lined version of our Stormtite synthetic underlayment.

Each roll is pre-printed with dotted lines every 2 inches from center and bold dots positioned at the recommended
fastener areas for easier and improved application.

Stormtite Details:
Product #: 0520023 is being discontinued with the introduction of the new 0520024.
UPC Code: 063957021153 is being discontinued and the new UPC Code is 063957023966.

Inventory: Current inventory will be shipped until depleted.

For questions or more information please visit our web site at www.iko.com, contact your
local Territory Sales Representative or 888-IKO-ROOF.

Thank you for your continued support of IKO!