EagleView Technologies and RBS

We’re partnering up with EagleView to bring a new level of efficiency to your residential or commercial building project. RBS now offers you aerial measurements for roofing and siding quotes. We believe in providing you with the information you need to increase safety, improve accuracy, decrease the time in acquiring accurate measurements, which ultimately leads you to a higher close percentage.

What is Eagleview?

Benefits of EagleView

EagleView has many benefits depending on what type of measurement you are taking. Here are a few key features:

  • 3D Roof Diagram Notes
  • Aerial Images (Top, N, S, E & W) Report Summary
  • Length Diagram Waste Calculation Table
  • Pitch Diagram Customizable Report
  • Area Diagram Square Footage Pitch Table

Eagleview Testimonial

“We have been measuring roofing and siding projects for 17 years. We discovered over the last couple of years what a huge savings Eagleview has become for our business in time, fuel costs, and accuracy. We will not complete any project without an Eagleview measurement.”

Derrick Arnett

Arnett Construction
La Porte, IN

Learn More About Using EagleView

If you have a question about using EagleView for your project, contact us here.