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East Region Brochure

Brochure Helps Contractors Cross-Sell Services Kathleen Marini, Director of Marketing, stated, “We are excited to announce the release of the East Region brochure. This brochure can be used in conversations with new or existing customers and features the full breadth of solutions available from your local Richards Building Supply branch.” Marini added, “In addition, this […]

Man with pricing on table

Ensure Your Pricing is On Point with Estimation Software Are you sure your pricing is on point? Estimation Software can help businesses looking to streamline their operations. One industry solution rises to the top, Xactimate estimation software. Xactimate can calculate depreciation, manage projects, and access local pricing research. As one of the industry’s most powerful […]

Setting expectations with contracts early and maintaining good communication with your clients throughout the process will make for happier clients and help you achieve more referrals. More importantly, you’ll have more control over your day-to-day business. Consider the following when determining if contracts can help your business. It’s all About Balance Managing the ideal balance […]

Endomarketing involves activities that recognize and include employees to create a highly effective workplace. BENEFITS OF ENDOMARKETING A motivated worker can be 13% to 33% more creative and productive than a demotivated worker? In a study from Oxford University, happy people show greater energy and dynamism in their work tasks, which leads to more efficiency […]

View of Cedar and Siding

Customer Success Article CHALLENGE – FINDING THE RIGHT SIDING AND TRIM TO MATCH CEDAR In the greater Milford area, a homeowner searched for siding to match their existing cedar but didn’t want wood. They were hoping for a cohesive look, so it had excellent curb appeal. The challenge they found was finding trim and siding […]

Winning Business Model

Creating a winning business plan can be daunting, these tips to stay focused for success. WHY ARE BUSINESS PLANS NEEDED A business plan is a must for entrepreneurs and businesses. Business plans help those who want to do things well and create and a bright future. With a well-written business plan, you have a great […]

2021 Construction Expos

2021 Construction Expos 2021 will be a year of challenge, change, and innovation. It is vitally important to continue growing and innovating not only in products but also in services, distribution channels, and technology. By attending expos and trade shows, you are allowed access to a wide range of engaging discussions with industry experts and innovators that […]

Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing There are many companies that still do not use technology, and even distrust it. They do not take into account that by rejecting it, they also put aside one of the greatest allies of companies today. Learn about the most beneficial digital tools and how to take advantage of them. The benefits […]

Managing Costs and Customer Expectationsn in 2020

COVID Presents Challenges for Businesses You probably have noticed that the cost of doing business was up due to COVID prevention in 2020, and we are almost one year later without an end in sight for these added costs. Changes in wages, material costs, fuel, and/or freight continue to inflate contractor quotes too. In the […]

Marketing and Sales Integration: A Necessary Union Communications between the marketing and sales departments are more important than ever. What does the company demand? When experts meet with entrepreneurs, they look for ways to leverage digital marketing to grow sales. The recurring theme among all these meetings is that there is a distinct language in […]