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Ramset's parent company is Illinois Tool Works (NYSE: ITW), and they employ more than 25,000 Americans. The Ramset is a powder-actuated tool (PAT, often generically called a Hilti gun or a Ramset gun after their manufacturing companies), a type of nail gun used in construction and manufacturing to join materials hard substrates steel and concrete.

Ramset  -Ramset Fasteners, Inc. founded by Jesse Williams. Jesse developed the first Ramset tool in his garage. Commercial success grew rapidly from his invention and Ramset became known as the problem solver of the construction fastening industry. Ramset was purchased by Olin Industries. One year later the world’s first trigger operated powder actuated tool was developed, known as the JOBMASTER. Olin’s leadership and Ramset’s innovation lead the company to many “firsts,” which included the first piston-driven low-velocity powder actuated tool, the first underwater powder actuated tool, and the first one-piece drop-in masonry expansion anchor (Dynabolt).

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