Digital Payments During COVID-19

The Term “Business as Usual” has a new Definition as of March 2020

Our ability to use technology creates a business advantage. And, business owners that were not already working on creating a digital experience for their clients — were left behind to figure it out on their own. Digital payments during COVID-19 is not an option anymore, and it’s a requirement.

Business Strategy Expanded

Determining which credit cards you’ll accept are the beginning of a business strategy, not the end. Many of these are part of the past for homeowners. Payment methods have evolved, requiring savvy business owners to consider options beyond credit and debit cards.

Options Abound

Mobile devices have become more common around the world, and it’s evident that digital options are here to stay.  Programs such as Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and digital wallets have changed how we look at payment processing and transaction fees.

In 2020, most payment platforms can handle most digital payments tailored to small business owners and can help you accept payments online. Digital Payment Platforms such as Clover, Square, and WePay are among some of the great options to consider.

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