Finishing Touches

Keep Your Customers Coming Back

As a contractor, it’s vital that you connect with your clients to uncover future opportunities. Customer relationship management tools are a great way to improve and expand your relationship with existing customers. The award-winning software, sales-i, will help you do this with ease.

Sales-i not only stores data, but searches it for useful patterns. It’ll put your data to work for you. The software will help you to assist your customers and follow-up with them in a meaningful way. Your customers not only want you to do a great job on their home, but they want to know that you care about them. Sales-i is a great aid to help you show your customers that you do care. And the better your relationships with your customers, the more successful your business will be!

Feedback Creates Growth Opportunities

Even though getting feedback from customers can be difficult, it’s one of the smartest ways to learn and grow as a contractor. Richards Building Supply company can teach you how to gather feedback effectively and apply it in your future jobs. As you acquire feedback from many customers, you might notice certain patterns, which is a great opportunity to evaluate yourself and decide how you want to adjust your process. It’s also a fantastic confidence-booster when you notice the things you’re doing a great job with.


Are you ready to start connecting and learning? The benefits are numerous! You’ll be . . .

  • Safer
  • More inspired
  • More informed
  • Better branded
  • Better equipped
  • And so much more!

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