Richards Building Supply Family Grows with GMA Supply

Richards Building Supply Continues Expansion

HOMER GLEN, IL – December 13, 2019

The blessings of Richards Building Supply expansion continue with the addition of 2 new locations formerly known as GMA Supply. The branches are based in the North Carolina towns of Holly Springs and Concord. The company, owned by Sean Mayefskie, has 20 years of serving local contractors, builders, and more while contributing significantly as a responsible member of the community.

“This new venture brings growth beyond traditional distribution practices. Owner Sean Mayefskie is already further serving the GMA customer base leveraging the relationships of Richards Building Supply,” said Ronald M. Guzior, President & CEO of Richards Building Supply.” Ron added, “We are excited to invest our resources and have Sean on board to continue his vision of developing this business well beyond its successful first two decades. As with every acquisition, we’re grateful for the addition of new talent and look forward to learning from them on how to better serve our family businesses as one.”

Sean Mayefskie stated, “The company was named after the initials of my children in hopes they would one day continue the family legacy. My wife and I are proud to report they have all grown and are pursuing their dreams in professional careers outside of the family business. It brings great comfort in knowing that the search for a strategic buyer has core values focused on the personal and professional development of the employees who made GMA Supply possible.”


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