Streamlining the Payment Process

Every Richards Building Supply Account holder has access to BillTrust™. A 24/7 service you can access to view invoices, pay, or request your bills via email or fax. It streamlines the payment process so that you can get paid more quickly and easily. With BillTrust™, you have more control over the payment cycle; no need to wait for invoices to arrive. They will be instantly available at the touch of a button!

BillTrust™ is secure and cloud-based. You won’t ever have to worry about bills getting lost or arriving late. It will give you and your customers peace of mind during large transactions and save both of your valuable time.

Organizing Your Transactions for Easy-Access

With BillTrust™ you also won’t have to worry about keeping track of your bills or invoices. They will all be in one easily-accessible organized location. That means no more confusing filing systems or panicking when you think you’ve misplaced an important invoice. Because it’s completely digital and paperless, BillTrust™ is eco-friendly. It is also cheaper to send and receive invoices digitally than physically. BillTrust™ is the fastest, most efficient way to get paid for your jobs.

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