What Matters.

At Richards Building Supply, we not only strive to provide the highest-quality building materials, but we also focus on building trusted relationships with our partners, contractors, and homeowners.


Find Locations

We provide building materials from wholesale distributors in over 12 states with 60 total locations.

Generate Leads

Work with our no hassle, aggressive, and respectful sales hunters via Contractor Central.

Build your brand

Create a distinguished brand that stands out from the competitors by using the right supplies.

Deliver Supplies

Pick up your order at a location, or take advantage of over 300 vehicles and have your items delivered.

Find Materials

Richards Building Supply is the one place where you can meet all your building material needs. We use materials from only the very best-in-class manufacturers. High-quality materials will always yield the best results!

Phil Holingsworth,
Phil Holingsworth,Naperville, IL Holingsworth Home Improvement
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One of the nice things about buying from Richards Building Supply has always been the family nature of it. I’m a family owned company, and they’re a family-owned company.”
Judy Kwak
Judy KwakRichards Building Supply Employee
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“At the company, there was just four of us when we started. It is exciting to see the business grow!”
Ray Bauer
Ray Bauer Richards Building Supply Employee
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“I’ve been able to grow my family as the Richards Business Family has grown. The fact that its still a family business with approximately 60 locations is amazing.”

Contractor Central


Job site awareness and safety procedures

As a contractor, safety should be one of your top priorities. Richards Building Supplies prides itself on being OSHA compliant and can help you be compliant to feel confident and safe when you’re on a job site. learn more



Tools for Job Confidence and Professionalism

When you partner with the respected name of Richards Building Supply, you’ll get expert help in polishing your public image. With rebranding assistance for your website, print media, wearables, and more, you can be confident you’ve picked the right company for your business.

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Lead Generation

Marketing for New Construction Builders

When you’re a new construction builder, partnering with Richards Building Supply is a great way to market your business through paid lead generation. Paid lead generation makes marketing your business more straightforward and less time-consuming so that you can focus on your job sites. Learn more

Contractor Friendly Technology + Accurate Operations = Profits

Our building supply company embraces new cutting-edge technology to provide you with creative solutions for everyday problems you encounter as a contractor. Solutions include EagleView, Descartes, and GreenSky. These technologies increase your efficiency and accuracy on the job site while saving you time. learn more
Raving Fan Service

Powerful Fleet of Delivery Vehicles

Richards Building Supply has a fleet of over 300 delivery vehicles to maximize speed, efficiency, and versatility. We use express delivery trucks and Uber to bring your urgent materials to you ASAP. Our delivery system is so successful that it is a best-in-class service! learn more
Finishing Touches

Meaningful Customer-Contractor Relationships

As a contractor, it’s vital that you connect with your clients to keep them coming back for more. The award-winning customer relationship management software sales-i is an easy way to do this. We’ll teach you how to follow up with your customers and gather meaningful feedback. learn more


Because they are our greatest assets, Richards Building Supply employees are treated like family. If you’re interested in a career with our respected family-owned company, fill out an application or email us at


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