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Tando represents the creation of something new and completely different from what the building products industry has come to know as exterior cladding. It is the culmination of the best of two great brands - Novik and Exteria. Tando is an all-star product portfolio designed to address the professional installer, remodeler, and home builder's evolving needs.

Tando -From launching the first polymer shake over 40 years ago to developing the #1 brand of Composite Stone, Tando has a proven history of creating new categories, including TandoStone®, Beach House Shake®, and TandoShake®. Derby Building Products own Tando. For more information, visit www.tandobp.com or www.beachhouseshake.com.

Whether you use Tando in conjunction with other exterior materials like natural wood, fiber cement, stucco, or vinyl – or you use it exclusively – Tando always delivers unmatched realism, unlimited creativity, and unequaled moisture management. Tando’s exterior building products leverage innovation and manufacturing technology to solve market challenges such as labor shortages, long lead times, and moisture concerns, all while meeting consumer demand for mixed material exteriors and low maintenance

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