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Tilcor products include four distinctive pressed steel tile profiles: Craftsman Shake, Antica, CF Shingle, CF Shake, and caters to all construction types, from residential to light-commercial public works. Available in a wide range of colors,products are lightweight, versatile, and easy to install.

Tilcor Roofing -Tilcor has its roots grounded in the roofing industry since the mid 1900’s. Tilcor is a family-owned and operated part of Ross Group of Companies, manufacturing and installing roofing products for over 70 years.

We originally made concrete blocks and concrete tiles back in 1942, the business soon grew and became known as Ross Concrete Products, and later Ross Roofing. Over the last 70 years, the company has been evolved and transformed into a new stage called Ross Roof Group, which manufactures the Tilcor brand for America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Oceania

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