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Low-slope roof or flat roofs tend to use a continuous membrane covering which can better resist pools of standing water. These membranes are applied as continuous sheets, bonded together with heat-welding or adhesives. BUR and Sealed metal roofs using copper or tin are additional options.


Single-ply Roofing is classified as flexible sheets of compounded plastic-derived material used to cover and protect flat and low-sloped buildings. Properly installed, single-ply roofing systems offer an inherent advantage over traditional materials due to their strength, flexibility, and high durability.

Built-up Roofing, also called BUR, is the most common roofing material used on low-slope roofs. It is composed of alternating layers of reinforcing fabric and bitumen (asphalt) and is finished with a top layer of aggregate, such as stone or gravel.

Structural metal panels are a durable and long-lasting option for residential roofs. A metal roof can withstand the elements for far longer than an asphalt roof.