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Safety First is Always the Best Option

As a contractor, you’re used to being in dangerous environments while you work. Staying safe on the job site should be one of the top priorities for you and your team. It’s one of ours too at Richards Building Supply — not only for our employees but for the contractors we partners. We care about keeping you safe at work, which is why we hold all of our supplies to the highest standard. When you buy building materials from us and work with them on the job site, we want you to feel confident and safe. Richards Building Supply is strictly OSHA Compliant.

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Use High-Quality Materials for Best Results

There is no substitute for having the peace of mind on the job site that comes only from having the very best building supplies.  Our vendor partners are carefully vetted and evaluated ensuring customer satisfaction and your peace of mind.

Utilizing our supplies, tips, and technology will increase your efficiency as a contractor. When you start with better materials, you’ll have fewer mistakes and ultimately a better, safer result. We have all the tools you need to work safely and effectively and to maintain heightened awareness on the job site.

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