Working From Home as a Contractor? Communication is Key!

Communication is Key for Success

While sports, concerts, and any public events are canceled — many were also faced with working from home while the kids are at home. Well, it’s safe to say that it didn’t come with an instruction manual! Well, guess what? We made a quick reference for your stay at home success. Let’s begin with how talking with customers has changed, and ideas to take advantage of those changes.

Communications is Key with Your Team

Set up daily meetings with agendas (because people get tired of talking about the Coronavirus) and daily goals. Work with your team to create a learning schedule. Try new things like a building code trivia contest via Kahoot. Be sure to meetings have agendas where goals and objectives are discussed. ​And, don’t forget to get your files organized, make a list of relevant information, and create a digital file. Then, order literature and print media that you need

Talking with Customers is Key

Because financing is essential to everyday business, you’ll want to learn about the latest programs. Contact your Richards Building Supply Sales Representative to learn about a new homeowner financing program that helps you close more business.

And, don’t forget to contact all your past raving fans and get referrals. ​Be sure to ​reach out to your lost deals and convert them into leads. And, go back to your current customers and check if they have any questions.

Communication is Key​​ for Your Business Operations

Reach out to building departments – Send them an email, call them, and if they’re working, buy them a pizza (it’s always great to obtain the permit clerk lunch).

​Don’t forget your suppliers – Building a more substantial relationship during this quarantine may take just a few minutes of your day. They miss you! You can access your bills on Billtrust at ​Plan your orders and send them in advance with a TBD delivery date to make sure your materials are available when you need them.

Vendors are gearing upVideo conference your vendors for updates and try to learn something new every day. You have time to grow that relationship and learn something new. Also, try virtual estimating provided by Royal Building Products and GAF

​Business Tools 

  • Pay your employees and contractors with direct deposit
  • Quickbooks $22 per month + $4 per employee
  • Square $29 per month+ $5 per employee
  • Surepayroll at

Family relationships and maintaining BALANCE

  • Have a schedule
  • Take turns
  • Walk around your house every time you accomplish something
  • Staying social with virtual playdates
    • Video conferencing is not just for business. Call your friends and neighbors, and have your kids set up video-conference playdates 

And, keep everyone entertained with these family entertainment resources

  • Take a virtual tour of a national park or museum
  • Free ebooks at and
  • Storytime from Space is a project where astronauts read stories to kids
  • Virtual field trips offer kids an exciting way to experience the world
  • Khan Academy has a bunch of free courses
  • If all else fails, Netflix has a bunch of educational shows

​Don’t forget you want to continue to build as customers let you. Rember, communication is key!

Because some customers will be comfortable with you continuing to complete their job, it doesn’t mean all will. Be respectful of those that want to wait until the quarantine is lifted.

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