COVID-19 Social Responsibility

Actions to Protect Our Family and Maintain a Safe Environment During COVID-19.

COVID-19 social responsibility means Richards Building Supply has taken additional measures guided by the CDC and experts of disease control to ensure your safety. And, we appreciate your business. In return, we ask that you follow the below socially responsible guidelines. And, these guidelines are for the safety of everyone so we can all continue to serve each other and grow our businesses.

Those with the following symptoms need to remain offsite:

  • Fever
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of Breath / Respiratory Problems

If you are feeling any of the above symptoms, please DO NOT ENTER. Contact us via phone for assistance.

  • Please leverage phone, email, text, and video messaging as your first line of communication with the Branch
  • If you are traveling with associates, please ask them to remain in the car
  • We are all about relationships but, at this time we are eliminating contact type behaviors
  • Please refrain from handshakes, fist bumps, hugs and other forms of physical contact while visiting
  • Cover mouth with a tissue for coughs & sneezes and throw it away
  • Notify us immediately if soap and clean towels are not available for handwashing
  • Limit interactions at the Branch to necessary business
  • The Company has suspended all large gatherings until further notice

The company is taking the following additional steps with personnel to ensure EVERYONE’s safety

  • The Branch is to clean & disinfect high traffic areas & frequently touched items OFTEN!
  • Employees are advised NOT to let others use their laptop, tablet, computer or phone(s) (Mobile &Desk)
  • Sales personnel are working remotely as much as possible and advised to eliminate physical contact
  • Drivers & passengers are to clean and disinfect trucks and cell phones before use
  • At the Branch and on the job sites, personnel does NOT share pens!
  • If someone within your household is planning travel, Company notification is required BEFORE traveling.

We take COVID-19 social responsibility seriously. Thank you for your cooperation during this time of a rapidly changing landscape. We appreciate your continued business and, more importantly, are thankful for your understanding.

We are looking forward to business as usual and an end to these additional safety measures!

Ronald M. Guzior
Ronald M. Guzior

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